Wilkes County Board of Commissioners



About Us

Wilkes County was one of the original counties created from Indian lands in 1773. The legislature designated the county in 1777 and thereafter divided it many times to form other counties. Its name pays homage to John Wilkes who had championed colonists' issues in the British House of Commons prior to the Revolutionary War.

- Wilkes County Government Departments-

Board of Co Board of Commissioners 706-678-2511

Dept. Family & Children's Services 706-678-2814

EMS - Emergency Medical Service 706-678-7837

Extension Service - Univ. of GA 706-678-2332

GA Forestry Commission Wilkes/Lincoln Counties 706-678-2910

Health Dept. 706-678-2622

Magistrate Court 706-678-1881

Parks & Recreation 706-678-1454

Probate Court 706-678-2523

Road Dept. 706-678-7287

Sanitary Landfill 706-678-1655

Senior Citizens Center 706-678-2518

Sheriff's Office 706-678-2224

Superior Court Clerk 706-678-2423

Tax Commissioner's Office 706-678-2422

Voter Registration 706-678-1850